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Career Development Selection Programme

Mossel Bay – Contact Ken on 079 207 7813 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About us:

Electrodive has been training divers and dive professionals since 1985… with nearly 30 years in the business, without incident… Electrodive boasts a proud tradition of safety and excellence. In addition to diving – Ken prides himself in teaching general life skills, instilling discipline and inspiring ambition in the candidates he trains – be it in recreational/ sport diving, dive professionals, or even underwater hockey athletes… We have a proven track record and high standards… we can do it… the will we do it, falls to you…

Is the ECDP for you?

Candidates wishing to follow a career in SCUBA diving, either as Recreational and Sport Diving Professionals, or as Commercial or Navy Divers… or perhaps even just as a gap year experience.

We conduct a selection phase in order to establish two things - that the candidates are ready, willing and able to fit into the training regime and our Electrodive "family", secondly, to ensure that the candidates are prepared for the commitment to the programme. We aspire to train the BEST diving professionals and this means that our standards are high, that we give of our best - and that we expect that candidates give of their best in return.

Initial Selection Period – duration 10 days.


  • Lodging for the 10 days;
  • Open water diving course – includes training, full SCUBA gear hire, 5 qualifying dives;
  • Open water diving manual and logbook;
  • Registration with internationally recognised dive agency;
  • Practical hands-on training in the dive centre;
  • Basic safety at sea.

Selection process:

Candidates will be evaluated over the course of the initial selection period based on their aptitude for diving-related work, which criterion include but are not limited to the following:

  • Grooming and personal hygiene;
  • Discipline – the candidate’s ability to follow instructions, and self-discipline;
  • The ability to work independently, and within a team;
  • Personality and social skills – in relation to working within the leisure and hospitality industry;
  • Fitness and physicality;
  • Theoretical and practical aptitude for diving. 

Upon completion of the Initial Selection Period, successful candidates may be invited to join the Electrodive Career Development Programme (ECDP) – a 12 month course culminating in a Dive Master qualification, with the option of completing an Instructor Course thereafter. Unsuccessful candidates will leave with an Openwater diving qualification, providing they have met all the requirements.

Minimum requirements for Candidates:

  • Minimum age – 16 years
  • Grade 10 mathematics and science/ biology (recommended)
  • Matric / if no matric, applicants must apply for an exemption and may write and exemption exam;
  • Medically fit for diving;
  • Able to swim – 200m any forward stroke. 


Electrodive Career Development Programme: Costs

Tuition, training and lodging: Price on request

  1. Excludes manuals and registration costs for speciality courses from Advanced to Dive Master – costs to be advised.
  2. Full gear hire is included for the first month – whereafter candidates are expected to have purchased their own soft gear through Electrodive, their hard gear should be acquired by the end of the first phase, namely 3 months as they enter the Master Diver phase:


Soft gear: Mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit – quotations on request

Main gear: BCD and regs, weightbelt and cylinder – quotations on request

Gym: we have made a special arrangement for our ECDP’s at the local gym – no contract – this is advisable, but not compulsory.

NB – Prices subject to change.