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Phluffy Reef 
Phluffy is a newly discovered reef, pet named after the local dive shop owner, Sue Walmsley, by two local spear fisherman Ken & Rudan who bumped into it one day while out stalking game fish. The reef is awesome with some of the finest corals found on the garden route. Reef fish and large sea fans with basket stars entwined in their arms can be found in abundance.

Butterfly Wall 
This reef is best dived off a boat to enable divers max time time on the reef. It is 4-8m deep. During summer months, a variety of tropical fish, which are brought in by the warm Aghulus current, can be seen. Large sea fans, yellow sponges and large, colorful anemones are found. This area is also the home of the famous long nose pipe fish thought to be extinct for many years, Shovel nose crayfish can often be found around the reef this creature is normally only found in depths exceeding 80m. A very relaxed dive normally dived when conditions are too rough to dive other areas, therefore sadly often missed by divers going for the better known reefs.

A spectacular reef for the advanced diver. A check out bay dive is required before divers can attempt this dive. Drop offs from 3m to 20m. Max depth 33m. Strong currents and a blinder pinnacle make it not your average dive! Situated at Cape St. Blaize and accessible by boat only. Caves, gulleys, large fish, sharks, and seals. Exquisite color abounds on the rocks and in the crevices, so don't forget your torch.

(concrete structures that are placed to strengthen the harbor wall). Divers should at all times be aware of ski-boats using the Municipal & Yacht Club slipways. This is a shore entry. A surface marker buoy is mandatory. Divers are advised to take a guide when first attempting this dive. Large Red Bait pods, anemones, black tail, crabs, cray fish, octopus and cuttle fish can be seen in this area. .