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Career Development Programme

Electrodive Career Development Programme – ECDP

About us:

Electrodive has been training divers and dive professionals since 1985… with nearly 30 years in the business, without incident… Electrodive boasts a proud tradition of safety and excellence. In addition to diving – Ken prides himself in teaching general life skills, instilling discipline and inspiring ambition in the candidates he trains – be it in recreational/ sport diving, dive professionals, or even underwater hockey athletes… We have a proven track record and high standards… we can do it… the will we do it, falls to you…

Is the ECDP for you?

SCUBA diving can open up a world of opportunity for anyone who loves the ocean, perhaps to travel… Our Career Development Internship program is a unique opportunity to join a program that can train you for a future in the Recreational Scuba Diving industry which is GLOBAL.

We’ve been training recreational divers from Open Water level all the way up to Instructor level for 35 years… We have a wealth of experience instructing in various internationally recognized agencies, including NAUI, CMAS, SSI and PADI – as such we are able to offer you THE BEST level of training you could hope to get.

So… you love the ocean and consider yourself a fish in the water – but, is this for you? Our 10 Day Orientation & Selection Phase allows you the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what will lie in store for you should you elect to pursue a career in diving.

10 Day Orientation & Selection Phase

Our 10 day “taster” comprises of the following:

  • •Open Water SCUBA diving course which will result in an internationally recognised diving qualification, allowing you to dive to 18m
    • Academic materials/ workbook;
    • Academic & confined water training sessions;
    • 1 x Skin dive and 4 x Qualifying SCUBA dives
    • Manual logbook;
    • Use of our diving equipment;
    • Introduction to continuing education and career-mapping;
    • Exam, Registration and Certification card;
    • “Soft” gear – Mask, Snorkel and Closed heel fins;
  • Commence with a basic orientation and hands-on training in a multi-agency Dive Training and Retail business
    • Includes aspects of marketing and sales – diving equipment;
    • Includes aspects of marketing and sales – diving courses;
    • Working according to Standard Operating Procedures applicable to our business;
  • Orientation with our Diving duck and basic Safety at Sea;
  • Hostel (Backpacker) accommodation including a basic breakfast – 9 nights;
  • SCUBA Uber transport from hostel to and from dive center daily;
  • NB – Candidates are required to provide their own lunch, dinner and snacks.

Candidates are continuously evaluated during the selection phase so that we can provide feedback as to their aptitude towards a career in diving. The criterion we evaluate on includes, but is not limited to:

  • Academic and practical aptitude for diving – comfort in the water;
  • Adaptability and discipline – we follow standard operational procedures and processes in every aspect of our business. Candidates are expected to follow these too;
  • Candidates are required to work well within a team environment, as well as independently;
  • Fitness and physicality for diving – candidates will be introduced to underwater hockey training during this phase which contributes to water fitness and comfort;
  • Appearance, grooming and personal hygiene;
  • Confidence, personality and customer interaction – we assist in developing these aspects as they are required within the leisure and hospitality industry.

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