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Leanne Walmsley



My love affair with the ocean truly started when I met my husband of 8 years in 2011 As I approached the milestone of 40, I found myself re-evaluating my priorities and purpose in life, this is when the progression to Divemaster and Instructor felt right for me. We ramped up the training and I qualified as a Divemaster and then a NAUI Instructor in March 2019 - I remember feeling as accomplished as I did the day I was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court.

My goal to "give back" - to introduce those who have not as yet explored the beauty of our oceans, to SCUBA - to educate them as to why it is necessary to preserve our oceans, to do so responsibly and safely. 

I'm still  practicing law on a part-time basis, as an associate at Diedericks Incorporated, so years of study are not laid to waste ;) Juggling the running of a busy SCUBA business, mentoring Instructor interns and practicing law keeps me very busy and productive every day - meeting challenges head on keeps us moving forward! Carpe diem - every day...

It goes without saying, I aspire to bring smiles to many happy divers and non-divers as I open up the magnificence and magic of the ocean to them. For those that don't yet dive, or hesitate to learn - I start with snorkelling programs - specifically now, developing a mermaiding program for fitness which will serve as a platform to develop water fitness and confidence - this to instil a desire to further education into the realm of SCUBA. When I'm not about the business of diving and mermaiding, Ken and I enjoy playing golf, angling, shooting, dancing and underwater hockey.

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